Two Friends Organise A Mini-Wedding For Their Little Children

Date November 10, 2017

Do you remember when, as a kid, you played dress up and pretended you were getting married? Weddings are so beautiful and magical so it makes sense that children try to recreate the process.

However, for these two children, their childhood wedding was way more elaborate than what you acted out as a child.

The dress, the pictures, the setting, these little kids had it all and it just could not have been cuter.

A photographer shared these gorgeous pictures of her daughter and the son of a friend, also a photographer, getting 'married.' The two ladies came up with the idea for a mini-wedding and set out to make the big day possible.

So, one beautiful day, young Ella and Sullivan walk down the aisle, shared their vows and even enjoyed a wedding meal afterwards, all to the delight of their mums. According to Ella's mother, the children had a lot more fun than the parents did at the wedding. While sharing the pictures and story on Love What Matters Facebook page, she said:

We let these two play real-life wedding and I think they had more fun than their mammas did. Oh to be young again.

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The photos received over 2000 shares and 17000 likes. Clearly, a lot of people were appreciative of the beauty that was this moment. Verronica Sanders, one of the over 1000 commenters on the post, said;

Pure beauty and innocence. No, hatred, no racism, no anything but two children who are friends and that is ALL that matters to them! Kudos to both moms for putting this together!

It truly is a gorgeous photo shoot that captures the innocence of childhood and the magical scenario of a wedding. Now we just have one question. Can the mums update us in 20 years? We would love to know if these kiddos actually ended up together for real.

Source: LoveWhatMatters / Facebook