2-Year-Old Boy Survives Stage 4 Cancer Thanks To New Clinical Trial

Date December 1, 2017

The internet is celebrating with little Gideon Purchase who has managed to overcome Stage 4 cancer, a battle he fought for most of his brief 2 years of life.

Gideon was a happy little baby for about the first few months of life. However, when he was six months old, his family began noticing a few worrying symptoms such as extreme fussiness and not eating as well as he used too. For a while, his parents assumed he was just teething until a yellowish bruise appeared on one eye. Within just one day, the bruise had covered both eyes and there was a lump on his head.

The boy was immediately taken to the hospitals when doctors soon diagnosed him with stage 4 high-risk neuroblastoma. Katie Purchase, his mother, recalled feeling devastated at that moment. It's literally as bad as it gets,” she told TODAY.

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Gideon was later transported to St. Jude where they found out that the cancer had spread more than they thought. A doctor at the hospital, Sara Federico, said Gideon's face, skull and bones were full of cancer. He also had a large tumor in the "middle of his body,"

Understandably, Katie and her husband, Gary, were extremely worried for their little boy. However, the doctors were able to offer hope when they described a new clinical trial. The technique uses a unique approach to immunotherapy and according to the hospital, it combines an antibody with chemotherapy at the beginning, middle and end of treatment.

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The breakthrough treatment ended up delivering way more than the family expected. In fact, everyone, including the doctors, was surprised at the dramatic change in Gideon within six weeks of the treatment. The tumor in his marrow was practically all gone.

Subsequently, other tumors in his body began to shrink including those on his face, arms, and legs. Despite all of the progress, Gideon still had to undergo a bone marrow transplant and radiation mainly because, due to the aggressiveness of the disease, they have to ensure they kill all the cancer cells.

The boy went through 15 months of treatment before doctors gave him a clean bill of health. Gideon's father, Gary, was overwhelmed by the news.

You yearn for the day when you're not toting around an entire IV tree behind your kid. And then it happens, and you just kind of sit there like, ‘Wow. We made it.’

He added that having that gift has taught him to be more grateful and "treasure every day."

The story of little Gideon serves as hope to families that may be passing through a similar ordeal. While it's definitely never easy, knowing that there are those who survive and thrive despite a heartbreaking diagnosis is a reminder that anything is possible, and miracles do happen.

Source: TODAY