Someone Left 7 Kittens In The Woods To Die, Until Hero Husky Found And "Adopted" Them


August 14, 2018 15:52 By Mambee

They say cats and dogs are the worst enemies, but that is sometimes far from the truth! This husky dog has literally adopted seven kittens, and she is treating them with a tender motherly love.

Whitney Braley, the owner of this heroic husky, says that her dog found seven barely alive kittens in the woods and become inseparable from them. Braley lives in Georgia, USA, with her husky Banner. One day the dog started acting strangely, pulling the woman outside, as if something had happened.

Braley said her pet is always obedient, but that was not the case that day becaise the dog kept insisting to get outside no matter what. “I knew something had to be wrong. She was getting really distressed,” Braley recalls.

In the end, the owner followed her pet, and the latter rushed to the woods and a cardboard box full of tiny kittens. Someone must have left them in the woods to die. But it was a surprise the state they were in when Banner located them: They were barely alive and did not make any sound.

Whitney had to take all seven to her home, and since that time the dog did not leave their side.

She is a really maternal and loving dog. I’ve never met another dog like Banner. The kittens are really lucky. If she didn’t find them, there is no way they would have made it.

The husky acts like a mother to the little kittens, and it’s adorable to see their connection. Not only does this dog have a huge heart and a very strong maternal instinct, she also has an unexplainably powerful scent!

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