How Very Distinguished! Meet Gringo, The Adorable Cat Whose Unique White Mustache Has Made Him An Internet Sensation

May 15, 2019

Many social media users love to share pictures of their adorable pets. But while some get the occasional 'aaaws' and 'aahs', there are those extra special pets who simply melt the internet with their cuteness.

When it comes to super fly cats, then Gringo has to be right at the top of that list.

What makes this British Shorthair so special? For one thing, fans just cannot get enough of his sophisticated mustache. Yes, you read that right: This cutie sports one of the cutest white 'staches you'll ever see.

His feline adorableness also brings his whole look together quite nicely, and we can see why cat lovers are smitten.

Let's learn more about Gringo

This charming cat lives in France and belongs to Sabrine and Romain. He has a brother named Milko.

Sabrine told Just Something that Gringo is a happy and playful cat.

He loves to play all day and all night, get up to mischief like climbing on curtains, scratching the couch and jumping in the plants.

She also said that Gringo enjoys standing on his back paw, a position which his owners find hilarious. But it isn't just his appearance that is unique. Gringo has some interesting behaviors, too.

The cat curiously sniffs his owners' plates to see if there's anything he finds interesting to eat. He also enjoys chewing on kitchen sponges, so much so that they have to keep them hidden from him.

For Sabrine and Romain, it was love at first sight when they got a glimpse of the cat. They found Gringo on a cat website and, even though they already had Milko, they knew they needed Gringo as a part of their family.

The cat was only three months old when he as brought home and he and Milko became fast friends.

Gringo's Instagram page is growing very fast. It got its first 20,000 followers only a couple of months after it was set-up. This goes to show that the cat's fan base is constantly growing.

We hope these photos of Gringo warmed your heart as they did for so many others. There's nothing like cat photos to make any day better, right?

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