The Funniest Thing Happened When A Woman Adopted A Dog She Didn't Know Was Pregnant and The Dog Went Into Labour

February 21, 2019

When adopting a dog, it is necessary to make all the necessary inquiries about the animal to be well-prepared to cater to it. Information on its health, character, habits and general behaviour toward people and other animals should not be neglected.

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Even upon eventual adoption, the first few weeks the dog spends in your home are crucial, and the dog should be closely monitored so that its reaction to the change in environment can be assessed.

For Sarah Clemons, it was a case that could have had a sad ending for her new pet. Luckily, things played out quite well.

Sarah adopted a pregnant dog, and she had no idea

Sarah Clemons had just agreed to foster Tequila, a Staffordshire bull terrier, who had been abandoned by her family. Although she noticed the dog's swollen tits, Sarah just assumed the dog had recently birthed a few puppies.

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However, it came as a shock to her when she came home from work one evening, and she found Tequilla pacing, panting heavily and trying hard to get into a more comfortable position.

Sarah's first thoughts were:

“You better not be pregnant, let alone be about to have puppies, OK?!”

Alas, it was so. Tequila was about to go into labour!

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Trying not to panic, Sarah rushed her dog to the vet because she had never been in a pet-baby delivery situation and had no idea what to do.

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On getting to the hospital, the staff quickly created a more comfortable environment for the labouring dog, and shortly afterwards she gave birth to three perfect little puppies.

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The pups were all brown, just like their mother, and they looked so adorable.

People's thoughts on Sarah's dog situation

Sarah shared her story on Facebook, and many people had something to say about the situation.

Although Sarah did not think it was a funny situation at the time, after Tequilla gave birth, she saw the amusing side of the story and joked about it.

Having pets sure make the world a better place!

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