Two Naughty Dogs Who Needed Some Attention Fooled Around And Called 911 16 Times, And We Can’t Stop Laughing


March 14, 2019 15:21 By Mambee

Two dogs, a hound mix and a Papillon, have taken matters into their own paws to solve their boredom in the funniest way. But do dogs really get bored?

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Yes, your dogs get bored!

It’s almost impossible to believe a dog can experience such feelings, but it's true. They experience boredom when they happen to be all alone. Dogs are social beings just like humans and are capable of feeling bored out of their minds. Usually, this is termed separation anxiety.

Many dogs experience separation anxiety when they are left for too long without attention from their owners or a fellow animal.

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During such occurrences, they exhibit some behaviors, like tearing up things in the house, barking incessantly, and digging.

Although it is difficult to be with your dog all the time, you can help them cope with your absence by leaving food puzzles and toys to keep them occupied. A dedicated TV show or channel that picks their interest could work as well.

Leaving your dogs alone can cause them to display some naughty behaviors, and Remy and Bomber have raised the bar for dogs all over the world.

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Pawtners in crime

A lovely Thursday morning soon turned dramatic for the Lakeville Police Department in Minnesota when they received a strange call. When the phone rang, and the 911 dispatcher picked it up, they were met with absolute silence from the other end.

Officers Michelle Roberts and Emily Bares decided to check out the location the call originated from. On getting there, the house was locked, and it seemed empty.

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Knowing it was impossible for no one to be at home, they walked around the compound but found nobody. At that point, they had received three more calls, and they heard dogs barking in the background but no human voice.

They left the property without finding nothing, but the calls kept coming. Disturbed by it, Officer Roberts chose to go check the house one more time. She was lucky to find the owner’s house number and obtained the code to the garage.

As soon as she gained access; she was utterly shocked by what she saw. In front of her were two bashful dogs who seemed pleased with the result of their calls.

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Initially, they appeared rattled and began barking, but they soon relaxed and enjoyed her company. Roberts told The Dodo:

“I was more concerned because I thought there was a human in there who can’t talk or move and just keeps calling for help. I never thought it was the dogs, that’s for sure.”

Roberts then wandered around the house and found the cell phone used to make the call on a desk. She revealed that the phone was on ‘emergency calls only’ so it wasn’t difficult for the furry duo to dial 911.

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On getting the information on what happened, Remy and Bomber’s owner was astonished. He couldn’t reason how his dogs were able to carry out such a naughty act.

The naughty duo caught the world’s attention

Many internet users were amazed by Remy and Bombe's attention-craving stunt and found it hilarious.

Officer Roberts was glad there was no real emergency; however, we hope this story serves as a lesson to pet owners: Never leave your pets alone. You can never tell what tricks they have up their paws.

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