Maternal Instinct Takes Over: Tigress Gives Birth To Lifeless Cub And Does All She Can To Bring It Back To Life

February 6, 2019

Not only human mothers possess maternal skills, but mother animals also have distinctive maternal instincts.

For animals, it doesn’t matter if the child isn’t theirs - they will still care for it like it were their own. It’s like a natural thing built in all females of every species.  

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Jenny Holland, a specialist in biology and collaborator for National Geographic, revealed that motherly instincts in animals are not associated with their children only, as it is evident in the mothers adoptiong younglings of species as long as they seem defenceless.

It occurs mostly during lactation, when there is an increase in the oxytocin levels, and thus the bond forms easily.

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Animals such as elephants, sloths, kangaroos, lions, and tigers, to name a few, have great maternal instincts.

Tigress saves her lifeless cub

A viral video reminds us that the miracle associated with conception and delivery is not limited to the human world: It is also present in the animal kingdom.  

The clip uploaded on BBC Earth’s Youtube channel showed Kaitlyn, a Sumatran tigress, which is an endangered species, in labour.

The video was shot at the Australian Zoo and, according to a staff member, she had been in labour for over five hours.

Few minutes later, Kaitlyn gave birth. However, it was a joyful moment as the cub was lifeless.

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Kaitlyn’s maternal instincts set in at once as the tigress kept on licking the cub to stimulate the tiger’s young lungs.

It took some couple of minutes, but the cub eventually started breathing. It was a breathtaking experience! 

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All mothers love their children

Another video uploaded on YouTube shows a mommy tigress playing with a baby tiger.

The cub was seen hopping and snuggling with its mother and the mom too obliges. In return, she licks its body and snuggles him closely.

The miracle of motherhood is not experienced by humans alone. And it should make us appreciate nature better when we witness animals go through the process, as nature instils a mother’s love in us all.

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