Wonderful Transformation! Kind-Hearted Woman Fosters Bald Dog Covered With Strange Paint And Helps Him Through Remarkable Journey To Recovery


March 14, 2019 13:07 By Mambee

Animal lovers are fans of dogs for several reasons, and they love to sink their fingers in their pup's fur, so it becomes heartwarming when someone decides to love a dog despite the fact that it has lost its fur. However, what causes loss of hair in a canine?

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Dog's fur: Treat with care

There is a wide range of reasons why a dog may lose its hair, but one thing is sure: a dog's coat (fur and skin) is a major indicator of the state of a dog's health.

Most commonly, a dog may lose hair due to seasonal changes, skin fungi, parasites, poor nutrition, allergies, hormones, genetic conditions or stress. This is why dog owners must pay close attention to the dog's coat and avoid practices that may harm the animal, such as dyeing.

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Dyeing a pet's fur seems fashionable but often leads to a truckload of problems, such as allergies or stress. More so, the dye may be toxic for the dog's skin. Besides, it is not fair to treat your dog as an inanimate object that you can dress up as you please.

Therefore, we wonder why the poor dog rescued by our heroine was sporting a purple color.

Incredible transformation

It all started when Neda Saghafi, pioneer of Simba's Paw Dog Rescue, came across a Facebook post about a 3-month old stray that had been picked up by an animal shelter.

Moved, she swooped in to foster him and named him Prince. He was suffering from mange and other forms of infection.

Also, there was an odd purple paint randomly smeared on his body. Saghafi told The Dodo that she had assumed that it was spray paint initially, probably a mean prank by kids.

However, the vet said it could have been an old-school attempt at treating the dog's skin infection.

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Notwithstanding, Saghafi got to know Prince's personality, an affectionate and playful soul. He won her heart completely, and within two months his fur was regrowing.

"He still has patches missing in his face, but he looks amazing, and he’s bloomed so much from this sick, scared puppy."

Then a twist of fate occurred. She discovered a dog that looked a lot like Prince, and it was evident she was his sister. Saghafi fostered her, too, and was overjoyed at their reunion.

Unfortunately, Saghafi decided to give them up for adoption as she had to foster other dogs.

Keeping dogs healthy

We may not know the full story behind Prince's condition, but it is clear he was not given proper attention. You can do better for your pet by :

1. Minding your dog's weight;

2. Visit the vet often, even when your dog seems fine.

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Meanwhile, if you ever find an injured dog,

1. Do your best to keep it calm;

2. Approach the dog with caution and if they are injured, don't move them;

3. Call a local animal center and seek advice;

4. Get the dog to the nearest vet for a checkup;

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5. Try to contact the dog's owners by checking for a collar or posting a picture on social media.

Thank goodness for Neda’s kind heart. We all should emulate her and treat these animals better because they matter. Do better for your pet.

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