Unfair Treatment: Sea Cows Were Chained In A Cell Under Water Until These Awesome Divers Came To Their Rescue


March 13, 2019 16:23 By Mambee

Many people are big fans of animal tourists attractions. Unfortunately, these creatures don’t feel the same way. Although these attractions seem fun and friendly to the tourist, what these animals go through behind closed doors is horrific.

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Many of them have been tortured and emotionally manipulated through beatings so that they perform all those tricks and obey their masters. It is not in their true to nature perform such acts.

Sadly, no species of animals are exempted from the cruel hands of animal tourism, and this includes sea cows.

The chained sea cows

Thanks to a group of divers, the vile acts of animal tourism were once again brought to light. While exploring near the remote islands of Kokoya, in Indonesia, they stumbled upon two dugongs, a rare type of marine animal, in horrific conditions.

The sea cows appeared to be a mother and her calf, and they were kept inside cages on the shallow ocean floor. The calf was left restrained while the mother was bound by a rope around her tail. Apparently, mother and calf were captured by a local farmer, who used them a side-attraction for people who visited the island.

One of the divers, named Lin, revealed to The Dodo that the farmer asked him for some money if he wanted to see the animal or take a picture. He also explained that, although he couldn’t understand how the cages got to that part of the ocean, he believes the sea cows have been trapped for a while as the ropes are worn and torn.

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They then decided to go into the mother sea cow’s cage and took some videos and photos of her. After that, they tried to convince the farmer to release the animals, but not without arming themselves with the power of social media.

Not sure if he would bulge to their plea, they uploaded the photos and videos on different social media platforms to raise some awareness about the plight of the sea cows.

Fortunately, it yielded some results as wildlife authorities contacted them within hours. The officials got to the farm the following day to set the animals free.

Let’s put an end to animal tourism

Thanks to these young men, two rare sea cows were rescued. However, if they didn’t venture to the island, they would never have stumbled upon them. We don’t have to wait till we coincidentally bump into a maltreated animal: We can take active steps to stop this cruel act.

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First, stop being a part of any form of animal tourism. Refuse to attend circuses or engage in animal rides of any sort.  Also, your money would go a long in helping animal welfare organization to save these creatures.

Finally, always educate people about the consequences of using animals for entertainment.

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We are glad that help came to the sea cows in time. However, more has to be done to bring an end to animal tourism. We all need to work together to make the world we live in a place where compassion toward all species comes before financial gain. 

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