Brokenhearted Dog Sees Her Former Family Come To Shelter To Adopt Another Dog, But Then She Finds Her Own Forever Home

March 28, 2019

It is always agonizing to find a dog abandoned by its owner for whatever reason because these fantastic creatures are to be taken care of and loved.

Zuzu is a 2-year-old German shepherd, but her story has not been a delightful one.

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Inside Edition / YouTube

Little Zuzu had been living in a home with her biological father. Unfortunately, he died and Zuzu could not be consoled. She became depressed.

Her owners had no idea what to do, and when Zuzu escaped from her yard, they just let her go and didn't bother to look for her.

Inside Edition / YouTube

Zuzu was picked up from the streets, assumed to be a stray, and taken in at the Downey Animal Care Center in California.

Even in the shelter, the staff and volunteers could not get Zuzu to cheer up, and she always looked nervous amongst the other dogs.

However, when a family came into the shelter one weekend, Zuzu suddenly came to life with her tail wagging a thousand times a minute.

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She kept jumping at the fence and running up and down the yard; it was a big shock to all!

Apparently, Zuzu was overjoyed at seeing her former family as she thought they had come to take her home. Unfortunately, this was not the case.

Zuzu's former family, who wished to remain unnamed, wanted to adopt another dog saying they did not want Zuzu again because she was too unhappy.

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The old owners even admitted to allowing her to escape! Well, that family did not end up leaving the shelter with a new dog.

The caretakers at the Downey Animal shelter then shared a video clip of Zuzu's joy at seeing her old family and wrote about her disappointment story.

The German shepherd's story went viral and within days the Pet Adoption Fund, a no-kill shelter dedicated to finding forever homes for abandoned pets, took her in.

Inside Edition / YouTube

Quite a number of people applied to take Zuzu home, but the staff finally settled on Mr. and Mrs. Gallo, an elderly couple who wanted a companion for their other dog, Dodger.

Speaking about Zuzu and her former family, Mr. Russo Gallo said

“It broke my heart to see that they (Zuzu's old family) had no interest in her. Something just kind of told us, hey, we got to do something here.”

And that they did.

Zuzu and her new family's dog, Dodger, hit it off quite nicely and their wagging tails tell how happy they are together. Zuzu is now very much happy in her new home. We couldn’t be happier for her. She truly deserves it!

Dogs can bring us unexpected joy and become loyal friends forever! This touching story is a proof.

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