This Shar Pei Must Be The Most Tactful Dog Ever As She Has Came Up With The Best Way To Wake Her Owner


March 13, 2019 11:05 By Mambee

A lot of dogs sometimes resort to waking their owners up either in the morning or even in the middle of the night.

In most cases, it means that such dog has a pressing need he wants the owner to attend to, such as being hungry or wanting a bathroom run.

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However, the dog could also be plain bored and just want to be with its owner.

Whichever case it might be, when the dogs wake the owner a few times and no disapproval is shown, it will encourage the dog to wake its owner at whatever time it pleases.

The dog who politely wakes her owner

Ava may just be the cutest Shar-Pei to ever walk this earth but that is not all: She is also very tactful and polite.

As opposed to other dogs that simply bring down the house with their barks when they want something, Ava takes a more diplomatic approach.

The cute dog taps gently on a nearby surface when she wants something from her mum and it is just adorable.

The cutest of all is when she wants to wake her mum up so she can snuggle into her bed.

Ava will simply tap gently on her mum's arm with a lot of finesse until her owner opens up the blanket for her to come in and settle down.

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The Shar-Pei might as well be called the 'leader of tappers' as she taps for everything she wants including treats and attention.

Her mum even opened an Instagram account for Ava and people absolutely love the dog.

In a comment to one of Ava's post, one Instagram user, @bless_me83, wrote:

'My gosh I love @avathetappingpei her taps melts my heart'

Another user,  @bridget_marie_k, added:

'Oh my goodness, she's such a cutie!!'

Ava's waking technique is cute and all but sometimes her mum might just not be ready to be awake yet.

How to teach your dog to let you sleep in 

The easiest trick in the book is to ignore the dog until you are ready to start your day, as this will teach the pet about your schedule.

Also, make sure you feed your dog well at night and take it to the bathroom after so it does not get hungry early in the morning or want a potty run.

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In addition to all these, you could also try to tire out your dog during the day by giving it a lot of exercises or walks so that you may have a greater chance of waking up late.

Be persistent with your dog and eventually you will be able to get that extra time of shut-eye that you deserve.

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