Elderly House For Dogs! These People Kindly Host Old Pups And Provide Them With A Peaceful Sanctuary

December 19, 2018

Old age is a difficult phase for all creatures, including animals, and a certain amount of care is required to live through this trying period comfortably.

Many animals have to survive on their own, but some dog sanctuaries are changing this situation for the better. 

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An example is Vintage Pet Rescue, a non-profit dedicated to saving senior dogs and giving them a happy life.  

The senior dogs, Nougat, a Chihuahua and Clarence, a pooch, were in an environment at the shelter that encouraged them to make friends with each other.

Now, the animals can be seen frolicking together, taking naps and engaging in all sorts of playful jabs and gestures.

The caregivers certainly make it easy as they are often willing to dress the dogs in matching costumes for special occasions, like Halloween.

Luckily, more shelters are rising to the challenge of catering for senior dogs,

Senior dogs offered a new lease of life with old friends

For many old dogs, living in a shelter is not very pleasant. Most of them get overlooked due to health conditions or maintenance costs.

Younger dogs are a much better proposition for most people, and these old dogs end up rotting away without care or attention.

To this end, many dog lovers have come together to create a loving, functional place for these senior animals.

The Old Dog Haven, in the Seattle area, and the Old Friends Shelter, in Tennessee, are just two of a handful of organizations that are willing to take on the burden of veterinary bills as the dogs keep aging. 

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Judith Piper, the executive director of the Old Dog Haven, commented on the demands of catering for old dogs.

“It can be very expensive to take care of an old dog… the idea is that we pay for all the vet visits to make this financially possible for people who are willing to do this.”

Most of these sanctuaries were created out of the love of taking care of animals who are past their youthful years and ensuring that they don’t suffer in their later years.

How do these local shelters find old dogs?

Over the years, these volunteers have formed excellent working relationships with local shelters.

This helps them identify old dogs that fit into their assisted living program. Once the dogs are found, they are gradually integrated into the sanctuary, according to their needs and peculiarities.

While these shelters still offer the opportunity for a dog to be adopted into individual homes, some of their residents have very different priorities, like terminal illnesses.

An example is the touching story Fort Lauderdale resident Linda, who developed stage 4 cancer and couldn’t take care of four senior Chihuahuas while she went through treatment.

Luckily, Vintage Pet Rescue came to her aid and took her pets in. With the efforts of these pioneers, many other individuals and organizations are joining the movement.

Animals are part of many families all over the world and caring for old dogs certainly appeals to a lot of individuals. In the nearest future, many dogs will undoubtedly find it easier to cope with old age, thanks to these shelters and kind-hearted people who choose to adopt a senior pet. 

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