Great News! Lawmakers Introduce Bill That Could Send Perpetrators Of Animal Abuse To Jail For As Long As 7 Years

February 6, 2019

Despite several steps being taken to end animal abuse, this menace is far from being curbed. Not only does any form of cruelty expose poor animals to horrific fates and torture, but it has also been found that, over time, it may escalate and lead to other forms of physical abuse, and that includes human assault.

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According to Canine Journal, abuse goes beyond the well known physical cruelty. It includes neglect, ignorance, and animal testing, whereby 66 000 dogs and 21 000 cats are victims every year.

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Fortunately, more steps are being taken to end this menace, and the recent one making rounds is the introduction of the PACT act.

Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act

Back in 2010, a law that convicted those who subjected animals to extreme horrors to make videos out was passed. It was labeled Animal Crush Video Prohibition Act.

Unfortunately, it only dealt with those in front of the scenes.

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However, thanks to members of Congress, Ted Deutch and Vern Buchanan, the bill introduced, namely ‘Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act’, will cover areas missed by the previous law, and effectively tackle animal abuse.

While addressing the issue, Congressman Vern Buchanan, from R-Sarasota, said to Orlando Sentinel,

“Just trying to make sure we're doing everything we can to close this kind of behavior down and go after the people that perpetuate it.”

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According to details of the bill, abusers could be jailed for as long as seven years. However, individual states have varying degrees of abuse before a person could be persecuted for it, and varying prison time.

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Tracie Letterman, a member of the Human Society, also expressed optimism with the development of the PACT act.

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She disclosed that it would help tackle animal abuse adequately, particularly bestiality.

She said:

“There’s a serious problem of bestiality on the internet, and we found one website that has over a million subscribers. And what they're doing is buying and selling animals for bestiality purposes all over the country.”

What to do as a witness of animal abuse

1. Check out for the signs: In cases of physical violence, symptoms include open wounds, broken bones, limping and intimidation or aggression at the sight of humans. When they are neglected, lousy grooming and horrible living conditions are strong indicators.

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2. Report to appropriate authorities: Individuals often report cases of abuse, but necessary steps are not taken. To ensure that this crime is curbed, vigilance must be maintained to ensure that all suspected cases of abuse are given proper attention.

3. Help end the cycle: It is not enough to report cases of abuse but more should be done to prevent it in the first place.

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This can be done through awareness programs, public symposiums and other means to educate the public about the ills of animal abuse. 

Hopefully, with the introduction of the PACT, more adequate measures will be taken to end animal abuse and save more animals from a horrific fate.

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