Not Too Young To Be A Hero: 7-Year-Old Boy Saves 1400 Dogs From Being Euthanized In Shelters

January 10, 2019

Many animals get lucky to escape abusive environments or the harsh realities of the street, but the comfort of shelters are far from a real home. Sadly, they still go through a lot and are restricted in kennels in hopes that one day they'll find a family.

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For most of them, that day never comes and they have to be euthanized — a horrific fate! Many people think this is unfair, and Roman is one of them. Only, he did something about it!

Roman, 7, saves over a thousand dogs

Back in December 2016, 4-Year-Old Roman McConn decided to make a difference. He started a program called ‘Project Freedom Ride’ with his mother and dedicated it towards the sole purpose of saving ‘to-be-euthanized’ dogs and cats from local shelters. At that time, their operations were based in Texas.

Three years later, the project has achieved a lot and have saved nearly 1400 from being euthanized -all thanks to Roman's commitment.

Over the years, he would focus on the animals who had the most issues getting a home, bond with them, and then put them on social media for the world to see after having brought out the best in them.

Although he has three dogs himself, the little kid visits shelters every week to make videos with the animals.

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Without a doubt, this little kid is a superman and is making a lot of animal lives and families much better. As such, he is one of the recipients of ASPCA Awards – an award reserved for the most committed individuals ensuring animal welfare.


About the project

The Project Freedom Ride keeps growing and has added Georgia and Washington to its operation areas. In a Facebook post written by Roman's mom, Jennifer, she disclosed the activities of the movement and how they began.

Rather than work as average shelter homes, the project community focuses on getting unwanted animals into homes. They work together with other Humane Organizations and transport the animals to their new families, mostly in the Northern States. All their activities are funded through donations.

Roman, his mom, and the whole community of the Project Free Ride have done excellently well to give these animals a second chance. With much more effort from the rest of us, millions more could be saved.

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