Stray Dog Steals Spotlight After Breaking Into A Fashion Show In India

January 23, 2019

It is alarming how the number of stray dogs in India is on a swift rise.

Statistics have shown that about 35 million stray dogs are found in India, and because of this, more than 20,000 cases of rabies are reported every year, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

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It would be imperative for the Indian government to create organizations and think of means of intervention that can deal with this problem adequately.

However, in India, a stray dog has just found its way into mainstream success in the fashion world.

The famous dog

It was such a hilarious moment when the stray dog, of unknown breed, suddenly stalked onto the stage during the Rohit Bal’s fashion show.

As though on cue, the dog struck a pose standing in front of the models, and the entire ensemble looked too cute for words.

While Rohit Bal’s show models were all decked out in sparkly gold sequins and beads, the dog rocked its beautiful brown fur and stole the show!

The video was posted on Twitter by entertainment journalist Sohel Fidai who was waiting with his camera for one of the models to take the stage when he caught the mischievous puppy following a model onto the runway ramp.

Surprisingly, everyone there just went with the flow and watched as the adorable dog jaywalked back and forth on the stage while striking intermittent poses.

Most people were in shock while the photographers were only too happy to capture a dog on the catwalk.

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The dog’s tail wagged a mile a minute as he appeared to soak in all the attention he was getting, and he took advantage of his time in the spotlight before he finally left the stage.

On his way off the raised platformed, a male model who enjoyed the short performance bent to give the dog a quick pat.

The pup eventually got his security detail escort off the property, and it is not clear what became of it, but it quickly became popular on the internet.

People loved the runaway fashion dog

Not surprisingly, the adorable gatecrashing puppy quickly got fans on the internet.

We agree with all these comments as no one ruled the runway like this cute four-legged fashion star. Do you think so, too?

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