The Love And Care From His New Owner Totally Transformed Dog Who Was Rescued From An Horrendous Condition

February 25, 2019

Having a dog as a pet is not compulsory but, once you get into it, you should be in it for the long haul as taking care of a dog is a full-time job.

It is essential to show your dog as much love as possible because they are affectionate animals in nature. It also improves their cognitive function and strengthens the bond between them and their owners.

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However, it is also necessary to instill discipline and good behavior in a dog, since an unmanageable dog can be a danger. Do not forget a good diet and exercise as these are very vital in the beautiful creatures.

The story of Odin, the rescued dog

When Odin was rescued in October 2018, he looked like he had fought his way to hell and back, as he was in an extremely pitiable state.

He was saved from two breeders who had simply chained him and a couple of other dogs up and left them to their devices without proper care.

The rescuers from Southern Pines Animal Shelter and Southern Cross Animal Rescue of Mississippi knew that the poor dog needed quick medical attention and a loving home.

Odin was then adopted by his foster mum, Sydney Schelkopf, who could not believe that he was supposed to be a fluffy Alaskan malamute. 

Sydney said

“He was emaciated, almost completely hairless, covered in wounds, with cracked and broken teeth, and incredibly weak. He had a putrid smell to him from his horrible skin infections'

On getting home, Sydney realized that the poor dog had no idea how to act in a house and looked as though he had never had the freedom to roam freely.

Odin seemed to think there was a catch to his new-found freedom and would only lay down on a particular spot during the first few weeks of his being with Sydney.

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It took a lot of loving and time before poor Odin realized there was simply no catch!

Initially, Sydney only planned to keep Odin for a while until he found a forever home. However, she soon realized that she and the dog were destined for each other.

With time, the dog began to transform under the loving care of his new mother and soon became the handsome, confident and playful fluffy Alaskan malamute he was meant to be.

Although he still has some medical challenges, Odin loves curling up in his mom's bed, goofing around and being a normal dog.

The change in Odin's overall appearance has inspired a lot of dog lovers

In response to a post about Odin's story on Instagram, one user, @wtfhttc, commented that:

'Odin's transformation is hard to believe. Thank you for helping him and giving him the chance to feel loved!'

There were also repercussions on Twitter:

Odin certainly looks much better thanks to Sydney, and a lot of people are fans of the handsome dog. The healing power of love sure works magic!

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