A Beautiful Little Deer With Rare Color Got A Second Chance At Love After Mother Deer Rejected Him

March 11, 2019

Piebaldism and albinism are often confused to be the same disorder because they share some similarities. However, piebaldism is the absence of the cells that produce the pigment melanin. These are called melanocytes cells.

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Melanocytes cells assist in forming the complexion, hair and eye color. Furthermore, it generally results in a white forelock present on the hair since birth, and it causes patches on the body both in humans and animals.

Deers are also a victim of piebaldism. Piebaldism in deers is defined by unusual brown eyes and a brown nose, with black hooves.

Unfortunately, piebaldism in deers also causes physical and medical defects like short legs, internal organ deformities, scoliosis, and others.

Farm owner lost piebald deer to medical conditions

Despite having been forsaken, this beautiful deer with strange physical features was loved, far and wide.

Hilary Powell, the owner of Deer Tracks Junction, and her son adopted Dragon after his mother, Bunny, had rejected him.

Dragon's piebaldism resulted in a pink nose and a white face, which made him an easy prey in the wild. Although Bunny is a whitetail piebald deer, she couldn't condone her fawn's white-faced piebaldism.

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Nevertheless, people love him for the same reasons Bunny abandoned him. After Powell uploaded pictures of the spectacular fawn, Dragon became a tourist attraction.

People from all over the place sought the special-looking deer, and he made an exceptional model. He gained recognition that went beyond Deer Tracks Junction.

But surviving in the wild wasn't the only life-claiming issues Dragon had. His health issues finally caught up with him, and he passed away before his first birthday. This led to a gloomy grieving period for his owners and internet users.

People's comments about the white-faced deer

Many Reddit users were enraged by the mother's poor treatment of Dragon, while some just fawned over the deer with interesting looks.




Hopefully, science will someday discover a means to care and save these special deers from inevitable death. They are beautiful and deserve a long life filled with love.

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