Extraordinary: Great Dane Mother Gives Birth To A Litter Of 19 Healthy Puppies After A Lengthy Surgery

March 4, 2019

Dogs are one of the most reproductive mammals in the world. Although the number of puppies per litter varies according to the breed, they are known to sometimes reproduce in large numbers.

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A study on the mean average of dog reproduction shows that the small dogs generally give birth to 3.5 puppies per litter, while the bigger dogs give birth to 7.1 puppies per litter.

Regardless, there have been some outstanding numbers, such as when a 3-year-old great Dane delivered a litter of 19 puppies in 2014. And history repeated itself at Kingman Animal Hospital on the 23rd of February, 2019.

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Great Dane gives birth to 19 puppies

Kingman Animal Hospital hosted one of their most special deliveries on Saturday. The capable hands of eleven staff members in the animal hospital assisted a great Dane to deliver 19 healthy puppies.

It was a tasking delivery and vets had to resort to a Cesarean section.

She was taken to the sterile surgical room to be sterilized. It was a lengthy process, but it was worth it in the end.

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The great Dane mother, who is known as Cleo, is currently getting all the rest that she can, while the hospital is assisting her in catering to her puppies.

Great Dane dogs are an amiable breed and are great with kids! It's exciting to have so many more of them being born into the world.

People are excited about the new arrivals

Dog lovers from all around the world are excited about the new arrivals, while others show concern and offer advice for the mother's wellbeing.

Great Danes are known for their incredible height and, despite their intimidating looks, they are quite friendly and devoted.

We commend the staff at Kingman Animal Hospital and their assistance to Cleo in bringing more awesome pets into the world. Let us hope they all find a loving home when the time is right.

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