Turkish Dentist Saves Several Homeless Cats And Dogs From The Cold Weather By Covering Them With Blankets

March 19, 2019

Unfortunately, the number of stray and abandoned animals roaming the streets is increasing every day. Turkey is home to many of them. If you are an animal lover, you should consider saving one or more stray pets in any way you can.

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In Turkey, you can identify healthy stray pets by checking their ears for an earring. This means they have been vaccinated against rabies and are in good health conditions.

It is easy to find animal shelters in Turkey as they are widespread in various regions. However, if it isn't possible for you to adopt, you should try to render help any way you can.

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A good example is this Turkish dentist, Hüseyin Yurtseven, who has been keeping homeless animals warm during the cold season in Istanbul.

Doctor Yurtseven save lives off-duty

Hüseyin Yurtseven is doing a great job at keeping stray animals warm despite the extreme cold in Turkey. Yurtseven has been going around the streets of Istanbul with blankets for stray cats and dogs.

This thoughtfulness was caused by an eye-opening video he watched on social media about a stray dog. Since then, he has had a soft spot for stray animals.

The dentist spends his evenings looking for stray pets to cover with blankets to help them sleep better and prevent frostbite.

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He also distributed more blankets among other animal lovers, traders, and good samaritans so that they can reach a broader range of animals faster. He and his friends also offered to do the laundry whenever the blankets get dirty.

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People talk about the dentist's kind act

Twitter users had a lot to say about Yurtseven's kind act. While a few people appreciated him, others offered advice.

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The dentist has started a touching movement and, hopefully, many people will follow suit. Stray animals are lovely creatures in an unfortunate circumstance. We hope things get better from here!

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