Heartwarming! A Distressed Leopard Mother And Her Cub Who Was Lost In A Sugarcane Farm Reunite Thanks To The Farmers And A Wildlife Rescue Team

April 4, 2019

Mammals always have maternal instincts when it comes to their offspring. In most cases, they would protect young creatures from danger even if it is not theirs.

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This is because they are more focused on protecting the species and being of assistance.

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Various scenarios have proved that there is maternal instinct in all species. The story of this lost cub and his mother leopard backs up the fact about animals being great mothers.

Some sugarcane farmers came across a lone cub while they were finishing up the day's work. They weren't shocked to find a cub around the area because the farm which is in Maharashtra, India, is sometimes visited by wild animals.

Also, it was cub season; therefore leopard mothers seek refuge on the sugarcane farm. The farmers discovered that it was a harmless leopard cub, and they decided to help.

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They immediately contacted a forest officer and a rescue crew from Wildlife SOS. The rescue team knew that the mother would be distressed and worried about her cub, so they hastened to reconcile the pair.

However, they had to make sure that the cub was in good condition before the reconciliation. The cub was found to be in excellent health condition by Wildlife SOS senior veterinarian, Ajay Deshmukh.

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Afterward, they placed the cub in a plastic container on an open space on the farm and concealed a camera so that they can witness the inevitable reunion.

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It was no surprise the concerned leopard mother pranced in at about 9:30 pm. She was sniffing around until she noticed the plastic container, and moved towards it.

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After surveying the plastic container, she knocked it over to get a better look into it.

The cub fell out of the box, and the mother and her child reunited immediately. She carried her cub in her mouth, which is a typical move for wildlife mammals, and they left.

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What a beautiful reunion! We praise the farmers and the Wildlife SOS for their assistance in reuniting the separated family.

Family is the biggest treasure of all! That is why it is so important to appreciate each other. Here is one more powerful story to prove that.


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