Home At Last: Dog Couldn't Hide His Joy As He Reunites With His Best Friend After Being Apart For Many Years

June 20, 2019

Every dog deserves a home and a family to call their own. This was what one pup had until he was stolen away. But his story was far from over.

When volunteers from an animal shelter in Ukraine shared a picture of a stray dog who desperately needed a home, they were hopeful that someone would step up and take him. The dog had clearly been on the streets for a long time. He looked malnourished and his fur was far from healthy.

schastlivie.zhivotnie / Facebook

The kind-hearted animal rescuers knew that what this dog needed more than anything was a real home. They had no clue that he already had one.

After the dog's photo made it to the internet, his sad eyes and heartbreaking appearance inspired many to reshare the post. Even though no one came forward to adopt him, many still shared the photo in hopes that someone else might.

Just a couple of days later, a woman contacted the shelter and said the dog looked very much like one that had been stolen from her two years prior. She saw the photo of the dog and couldn't help but notice just how much he looked like her missing pup.

schastlivie.zhivotnie / Facebook

One of the staff members at the shelter, Galina Lekunova, told The Dodo that they were initially hesitant this was the same dog. Wouldn't that be quite a coincidence?

But the shelter was hopeful. So the very next day, they set up a meeting between the woman and the dog. It became clear that this was actually a heartfelt reunion. The dog wagged his tail happily upon seeing his beloved owner, whom he missed very much.

The shelter described the moment as "a miracle" and appreciated those who took time out to share the dog's picture.

Not only did this dog get a second chance at a good life, but he also got to reunite with his owner and now he gets to be with a family that truly missed him all those years. That's a miracle indeed!

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