1-Year-Old Girl Becomes Best Friends With Her Giant Poodle, And Their Pictures Make Us Set New Friendships Goals!

March 8, 2019

All children dream to have dogs as pets! These Japanese kids are lucky to have three of them! Riku, Gaku and Qoo are giant poodles that live with an adorable family.

They love interacting with the smaller members of the family, but Riku and 1-year-old Mame seem to have become the closest friends.

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They follow each other everywhere, and the loyal pup looks after the infant with special care. Their grandmother, Tamanegi, shares the sweetest pictures of Riku and Mame’s daily life on Instagram, filling us with admiration.

At first glance, you find it hard to believe that those giant puppies truly exist! They look like dolls with a neat fur-cut. When they are photographed next to kids, their size difference becomes really striking.

However, it doesn’t seem to bother anyone. The duo has so much fun together, and the photos prove it! They play, sleep and read together, and even wear matching outfits sometimes.

Having dogs and children under the same roof is quite challenging, but always rewarding.

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And here are just a few of the positive things:

1. Children learn to take care of someone. They start understanding the concept of empathy and responsibility;

2. Dogs become loyal companions and help kids overcome anxiety, shyness, and loneliness;

3. Walking and playing with a dog outside promotes good health, in contrast to sitting at home glued to a screen, the child spends their time actively;

4. Training and taking care of a dog promotes cognitive and social skills development;

5. As a parent, you won't have to worry about a child’s safety if they are out with a dog;

6. Pups help children get mature emotionally.

Growing up with a dog is fun and exciting! And we believe it’s true. Watching the adorable poodles with their human friends is just adorable and they are totally friendship goals!

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