Do Not Joke With Wild Animals: Zoo Visitor Was Clawed By Jaguar After She Ignored Barriers And Came Too Close To Take A Selfie


March 12, 2019 13:55 By Mambee

You don’t get to joke with wild nature! Zoos may create the illusion of extra safety for the visitors, thus people relax too much around potentially dangerous animals and intrude into their space, violating their privacy.

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There are quite a number of tragic cases that happened with bears, gorillas, elephants and tigers, who attacked zoo guests and caused severe wounds.

Another case happened in Arizona at Wildlife World Zoo, when a woman in her 30s approached the cage with a jaguar. The guest came too close to take a selfie with the graceful cat, however, the latter took it as a threat and clawed the woman.

CNN reports that she didn’t sustain any serious injuries. She was saved by the passers-by who heard her calling for help.

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FOX 10 Phoenix / Twitter

The witness said his mother threw a bottle of water into the cage to distract the animal and the jaguar let go of the victim’s arm.

The zoo administration commented on the incident with a Twitter post, sending “prayers to the family,” but explaining that the jaguar attack was provoked by the visitor who ignored the safety barriers.

The victim apologized to the zoo for breaking the safety rules. Twitter users can't help by taking the zoo's side in the story. 

Encounters with wild animals may tickle your nerves and something terrible happens. That is why it is paramount to follow these simple tips which help you stay safe:

  1. Do not try to feed and touch the animals;
  2. Watch the safety barriers, never attempt to cross them;
  3. Do not sit, lean or climb on railings;
  4. Make sure to learn the rules established by the zoo administration;
  5. Stay in the areas designed for visitors.

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All rules apply to the children as well. It’s the job of every parent to explain those rules and watch the child’s every step. Teach kids to show respect to the animals, explain the potential danger they can carry. It’s absolutely inappropriate to make any contact with wild animals rather than just watch and admire.  

Parents should never leave children unattended.

Prioritize safety above fun, and you are going to spend a lovely time at the zoo and create great memories!

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