A She-Bear Teaches Her Four Sweet Tiny Cubs To Cross the Road

April 25, 2019

The idea that moms dote on their children has been cited and repeated so often that it has already assumed the aura of conventional wisdom. More importantly, however, this simple wisdom applies not only to our own moms but also to the fluffy ones living in the wild. Female bears, for example, can be doting mothers, too. Although she-bears nurse their little cubs for only about two years, they spare no resources to take proper care of them.

ArCaLu /

She-bears marshal every force and fiber at their disposal to protect these precious little things against the dangers of life in the forest.

Even though forest roads are not as dangerous to cross as congested city streets are, the female bear depicted in these photos has nonetheless taken up a very responsible approach to the matter. After all, her task is not to merely drive her cubs across the street but to teach them survive multiple risks and dangers lurking in the forest.

Further attesting to the devotion of she-bears is the fact that they can foster orphaned cubs. And while this does not happen very often in the wild, it is still possible that one of the cubs photographed crossing the forest road could be an adopted family member.

Kuttelvaserova Stuchelova /

It is not uncommon for people to use animalistic epithets in reference to the behavior of others. Yet, such references are seldom positive. But the example of the she-bear from the photos serves to show that even such large and formidable beast as bears can be guided by motherly instincts.

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