Surprise Visit! A Bear Casually Strolls Into The California Highway Patrol Office Untethered

December 3, 2018

Do you ever expect to walk into your office one day and see a real-life bear on two legs just casually walking around? Well, neither did the police officers at the California Highway Patrol office near Lake Tahoe, but they were in for quite a bit of a shock.

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CHP – Donner Pass / Facebook

California Highway Patrol’s Donner Pass division posted about this rare occurrence on Facebook

After perusing the building as it owned it, security cameras showed the bear wandering past some vending machines out of camera range.

The animal leisurely walks out of the building untethered with two police officers on its tail and one officer with a handgun drawn to his side.

CHP – Donner Pass / Facebook

You'd think that was all and the bear was satisfied with its little excursion. No, the California Highway Patrol had made a new friend, and you know how friends are: They always come back for occasional visits, and so did our bear friend.

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CHP – Donner Pass / Facebook

Thankfully the police reported that there were no damage done to the building during the animal's short visit. The bear didn't steal any food either.

It's important to be extra careful if you live in California because, according to the town of Truckee's "Bear Awareness" guide for residents, bears change their behavior in areas where human food is available, and that includes dumpsters.

CHP – Donner Pass / Facebook

This means that, in situations like this, bears are no longer cautious and fearful around people. Apart from the fact that this may lead to property damage, it is also a threat to human safety.

Nevertheless, it must have been cool for the police department to have their bear friend visit!

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