Need A Wonder? See Rare Pink Dolphin Playing In Louisiana Ship Channel

September 3, 2019

A couple enjoying a boat cruise at the Calcasieu ship channel was met with a fantastic sight that was probably the highlight of their trip.

As they sailed the Louisiana ship channel, they saw dolphins, but not just any dolphins, but pink dolphins.

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WFLA News Channel 8 / YouTube

They were on their cruise when Bridget Boudreaux spotted a group of Dolphins playing in the water as they swam.

One can only imagine the shock she felt when she realized that two out of the group of dolphins were pink.

When speaking with KHOU-TV, Bridget said that when she saw them, she almost fell into the water as she realized they weren't your everyday dolphins. interviewed her as well, and she described the experience she had on the ship to the channel as ‘awesome.’

According to her, there were two dolphins in the water, but unfortunately, she was only able to take a picture of one of the beautiful creatures.

This isn't the first time a pink dolphin was spotted in Louisiana; however, a pink bottlenose dolphin was found in the area 3 years ago, and is known around there as ‘Pinky.’

WFLA News Channel 8 / YouTube

Captain Eric Rue, a man who offers boat charter services on the Calcasieu River, was the one who spotted the dolphin.

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Captain Eric spotted the dolphin the first time, about ten years ago while the creature was still a baby.

In 2015, when she showed up again, the captain thought her to be pregnant.

Back then, he was quoted as saying that Pinky still showed up in the summertime and was always swimming happily in the river.

According to experts, Pinky and her recently spotted ‘friend’ are Albino dolphins. Their pink coloration is due to their lack of melanin, which is the pigmentation responsible for skin, hair and eye color.

Pinky, the dolphin, first showed up in the year 2007, and the second time she was seen, it was speculated that she could be pregnant.

It is possible that the pink porpoise who was seen with her by the boating couple is a product of that pregnancy. Nonetheless, it was a truly marvelous sight to behold.

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