Dog Saved By A Police Officer Two Hours Before Being Put Down Repaid The Favour Four Years Later

October 4, 2018

The saying ‘everything happens for a reason’ is one that a lot of people hold dear. For some, the purpose behind why those things happened is made immediately clear, for others, it takes a while. For this energetic dog, Ruby, it took 4 years.

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Ruby was deemed unadoptable because of her feisty, stubborn nature. Despite all efforts to tame her, she kept being returned to the shelter, as her owners preferred not do deal with her behavior.

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A trainer working with the shelter, Patricia Inman, had put in her best efforts to tame the dog, but the improvement recorded was not good enough. The conclusion was that Ruby needed to be put down.

As it turned out, however, fate had other plans for Ruby. A mere 2 hours before being put down, Patricia, as a last resort, begged officer Matthew Zarela to adopt the dog.

The officer, a Rhode Island State Trooper, fell in love as soon as he set eyes on her and had an idea for a perfect owner. Daniel O'Neal, a fellow officer, had been asking for a K-9 partner for a long time, and when Ruby was given to him, he was extremely happy to have her. The next couple of months were spent attempting to train the energetic dog.

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It wasn't an easy task, but Ruby was eventually tamed and became a full member of O'neal's family, which consisted of his wife, a newborn, and another dog.

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Four years later, the reason why Ruby had to live revealed itself. Officers along, with Ruby and O'Neal, were sent to search the woods for a teenager who'd gone missing. Suddenly, Ruby broke off from the group and ran to a ledge, barking for her owner to follow her.

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As it turned out, Ruby had located the teenager. She was licking the boys face in her own attempt to wake him up. He had suffered serious injuries so, O'Neal requested emergency help.

They found it hard to locate them at first, but Ruby guided them with her barking at O'neal's command.This is where it gets amazing!

It turns out that Ruby had a connection with the teenager as well as his family. Do you know who the boy's mother was? Patricia Inman! Yes, the same woman who saved Ruby's life by begging officer Matthew to take her.

So many years later, Ruby repaid the favor by saving her son's life. A truly memorable and amazing coincidence? Or is it an example of synchronicity?  Everything really does happen for a reason.

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