While Homeless Man Was In The Hospital, His Four Loyal Dogs Were Patiently Waiting For Him At The Doorway

December 20, 2018

Dogs are indeed the best creatures man can have as pals, and this story proves it. Get some tissue because your eyes will undoubtedly tear up.

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A healthcare worker, Cris Mamprim, shared this story as she and her co-workers experienced love at its purest form.

At 3 am on Sunday, a homeless man named César came into the Hospital Regional Alto Vale in Rio do Sul, Brazil.

César was seeking medical attention as regards a health problem he had been struggling with.

He was being attended to by Mamprim and the other hospital staff when they realized the man had not come alone.

It was the most heartwarming sight: They saw a group of faithful dogs patiently waiting at the doorway for their owner to finish his treatment safely.

Mamprim later got to know that César had taken it upon himself to feed care for these stray dogs.

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It is heartbreakingly comforting that a man who is homeless still found a way to give love despite his condition. Mamprim said to Dodo:

“They are all well taken care of and chubby. Seeing them like that, waiting at the door, only shows how much they are cared for and loved."

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Thankfully, Cesar’s loyal companions did not have to wait too long at the doorway.

They were invited in by the staff after César had been given the medications he needed.

The hospital staff offered César and his dog friends some food. You may not believe this, but according to Mamprim, César kept some of his food to give his dogs later. What a selfless man!

This story should encourage us to cultivate love regardless of whatever situation we find ourselves. We don’t need to have a lot to show love, and Cesar has proven it.

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