Tiny Monkey Left By Mom At The Zoo Is Adopted By Cat, Who Carries The Baby On Her Back

March 1, 2019

Baby abandonment happens in an animal world, too. This tiny squirrel monkey, born in the Tyumen zoo, Russia, had little chance to survive as his mother left him after birth. She refused to carry him on the back, and that means deprivation of warmth and protection for the baby.

In a fortunate twist of fate, the little one was “adopted“ by a feline!

Associated Press / YouTube

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The zoo’s director, Tatyana Antropova, had to take the monkey home, where he was welcomed by her 16-year old female cat, named Rosinka.

Associated Press / YouTube

The baby monkey, named Fyodor, fell in love with his new mom! Rosinka let him cling onto her fur and carried the tiny one around the apartment. The way she accepted the baby was really sweet! Just check out the video featuring their best moments!

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Associated Press / YouTube

Fyodor’s stay in the house was temporary, as Antropova took him back to the zoo as he grew stronger, according to CBS reports.

Associated Press / YouTube

This special bond between species isn’t rare, even when we are talking about a predator and prey. Just like us, social animals seek someone to bond with, as mutually beneficial relationships help them survive in the group. When these friends belong to different species, they make us believe in some universal feeling of compassion and craving for love and care.

People can draw inspiration from animals. Even when it comes to something that seems to be our prerogative, they often prove to be more humane.

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