Senior Cat Mistreated By Owners Lost Trust In People And Didn't Let Them Touch Her. But Then She Finally Got A Loving Home


March 14, 2019 16:37 By Mambee

Why would people hurt their pets? We keep hearing stories about animal abuse but can’t find any explanation in our hearts. Many cats and dogs end up in shelters after being neglected, malnourished, abused or abandoned by their owners. Besides being hurt physically, they suffer from major psychological trauma and lose trust in people.

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The Orphan Pet / YouTube

This story is heartbreaking, but heartwarming at the same time. This elderly cat had a happy life with a couple for 17 years, but they sadly passed away months apart from each other.

The orphaned cat, named Cinnamon, got under a relative’s care, or perhaps, “horror” can better describe what she went through. 

The Orphan Pet / YouTube

Cinnamon was abused and beaten with sticks. She was confused, scared, lonely and then angry. She could not understand why she deserved such bad treatment.

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She was luckily saved by kind and loving people from The Orphan Pet. However, it took them a long time to gain the cat’s trust again. She was anxious around people, avoided them, and often looked at them from a distance and with rage.

The Orphan Pet / YouTube

Weeks went by, and she finally realized no one was going to hurt her. She started to bond with a senior volunteer who came to feed her and stay by her side.

The Orphan Pet / YouTube

And then she let the caregiver pet her for the first time. Since then, her heart melted and she embraced all the tenderness and love those people were giving her.

Cinnamon was old and sick with cancer, but she survived against all odds and lived a year and a half in foster care. She passed in a loving home, surrounded by those who really cherished her!

It takes time and patience to help a traumatized pet heal. Whenever you can provide a home and care for an animal abused in the past, use this chance.

Goncharov_Artem /

These factors would create positive environments for them:

  • Protect the pets from whatever they are afraid of – unfamiliar people, household items, etc.
  • Take it slow: do not insist or force them to do anything against their will.
  • Speak in a gentle and calm voice, do not allow anyone to shout in their presence.
  • Spend quiet time alone with your pet. Suggest playing together, or just be next to them when they are playing.
  • Reward them with a treat.
  • Make sure your cat or dog has everything they need – food, water, a place to sleep, blankets, toys, etc.

Be patient. A broken heart doesn’t heal fast. However, a pet who once lost their faith in people will be able to trust again if they are given care and love.

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