Amusing But Touching: Elephant Leads Caretaker To Newborn And Cajoles Her To Sing Lullaby

December 24, 2018

Elephants are known for a lot of things: Their excellent memory, being the largest land animal, the only mammal that cannot jump, and that they love music. The last fact might sound strange, however, this video shall prove how true that is. 

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Lek Chailert works at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand and, over the years, she has forged a bond with the beloved animals in her care, especially Faa Mai, which was rescued as a calf and brought to the park.

elephantnews / YouTube

The pair spends a lot of time together, during which Chailert sings for the animal.

One day, a newborn elephant named Thong Ae was rescued and brought to the park. Faa Mai soon took the little one under her wing and fell in love with the calf.

elephantnews / YouTube

Her fondness for Thong Ae was evident from the beginning, but the extent didn’t come to light until she did something moving.

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Lek Chailert was meeting with visitors when Faa Mai came and began nudging her from behind. When the caretaker tried to move away, the elephant kept steering her with its mighty trunk.

elephantnews / YouTube

Apparently, she had something in mind, so the woman gave in and allowed herself to be led.

On getting to a clearing, Thong Ae was waiting. That was when it became apparent that the older elephant wanted a lullaby to be sung for the sleepy young one. Lek said:

“Faa Mai wanted me to sing a lullaby to her little friend, as she is so fond when I sing a lullaby to her.”

In this touching video, we see how Chailert is guided until she gives in and sits on the grass, beginning to sing a soft Thai lullaby. What a beautiful sight!

elephantnews / YouTube

Animals may not be able to speak, but if we pay enough attention, they find various ways to communicate with us. More importantly, it is important to remember that they are as much capable of love and tenderness as any human being.

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