Four-Legged Hero: Dog Comes To The Rescue Of 90-Year-Old Woman With Dementia Who Went Missing From Her Home

March 19, 2019

Thanks to a dog named Saby, a 90-year-old woman got the chance to see another day. Loudell Hubbard wandered away from her home in Birmingham and wasn’t found until late morning the next day.

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As revealed by ABC News 4, Hubbard was missing for 12 hours before she was found. A couple of rescuers accompanied by Saby went looking for Loudell in the woods.

The intuitive dog led Richard Wright and Dustin Brock, two officers in the Birmingham Police SRT K9 Unit, right to Loudell who was lying in a creek bed. She was cold, wet and all alone.

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Apparently, the senior woman had rambled through the woods at night without her cane and fell into the creek. Because of her dementia, Loudell was unable to remember the paths she took or the fact that she had left her home and walked a mile-and-a-half before falling.

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Loudell’s neighbor, Frederick Jones, was hopeful all through the search that she would come back home safely. And when she was returned, everyone was elated.

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Officer Brock praised Saby for his excellent work saying it was because of the canine they were able to find Loudell before anything drastic happened to her. He said:

"It's impossible for us to duplicate what he does and do his job as fast as he does."

Luckily, Loudell recorded no broken bones and just a few bruises. She is currently at a nearby hospital receiving care.

We are glad for Saby’s help in finding Loudell. Hopefully, this makes people realize that dogs are very smart and resourceful creatures.

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