Orphaned Baby Gorilla Rescued From Confinement Is Now Living In A Wildlife Center And Has The Love Of His Keeper

March 28, 2019

Among the many animals kept in captivity for human's inexplicable purposes, this baby gorilla was lucky to find the light at the end of the tunnel. Bobga, the baby western lowland gorilla, now enjoys a good life regardless of his disheartening beginning. 

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The young gorilla lost his mother at a tender age and was left to fend for himself in a lonely world. Fortunately, the 1-year-old gorilla was soon discovered by a wildlife center, living in a small box and chained down as an unloved pet.

Mother gorillas are the greatest shelter for their babies, and would never jeopardize them. It is quite unsettling that anyone would cause harm to the young gorilla and, probably, his mother.

However, things took a good turn for Bobga. In January 2018, Limbe Wildlife Center set Bobga free from his imprisoned life as a pet. The LWC staff transferred Bobga to a facility in Eastern Cameroon, a journey that took a total of 15 hours.

Ever since his transfer, Bobga has been living his best moments. He enjoys a continuous supply of milk, which he needs until he's 3 or 4 years old in order to have good growth. Furthermore, LWC staff have provided him with love and an unrestrained display of affection.

Although Bobga misses the love of his mother, he doesn’t lack affection as he cuddles with his keeper. In a picture shared by the wildlife center, he was seen resting on his caretaker.

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The rescuers are trying their best to get him past the trauma he experienced and improve his social skills. LWC has spent over $4000 training Bobga on the basic skills he needs to survive in the wild. They teach him how to climb, groom and scrounge.

Unfortunately, Bobga cannot stay with them forever, so he needs those skills to be able to live among other gorillas. When he is ready, he will be moved to a forested, natural precinct where he can be with fellow animals.

LWC hopes that, by sharing this story, it will enlighten perpetrators on the consequences of illegal wildlife trade.

We also believe that sharing this story will go a long way in deterring the inhumane act. Killing and mistreating these animals in any way is inadmissible and must be stopped.

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