Woman Finds Blind Kittens In Her Backyard And Decides To Do Everything In Her Power To Help Them

December 3, 2018

It's always a touching moment when you see animals that cannot cater for themselves. It moves you to do everything in your power to ensure that you help them.

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This is the story of two young kittens who were found by a woman at her backyard, wandering around.

She was immediately moved by the kittens and decided to take care of them, starting feeding them and looking after them. However, she noticed something awkward about their eyes and their movements.

She decided to take them to a vet, and it was discovered that they both had eye defects which affected the way they moved around.

They needed expensive medical care, which she couldn't afford, so she decided to reach out to various shelters, but no one could offer help.

Thankfully, Inner City Strays heard about the blind kitten brothers and decided they just had to help out, despite their workload and limitations.

They named the kittens Isaac and Stevie and took them to Medicals, who diagnosed that they had inward eyelids. As a result of the condition, Stevie completely lost his sight and Isaac had ulcers on his eyes.

The kittens were taken into surgery, and their blind eyes were removed.

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Dr. Mark and Dr. Olivia, of SASH and Balmain Veterinary Hospital respectively, created a new eyelid for Isaac to protect his good eye.

The two brother kittens were so happy and thankful to receive help that only 24 hours after their surgery, they became very cheerful and lively, drowning in the love that surrounded them.  

The brother kittens have become very close because Stevie relies on Isaac whenever he gets stuck or in trouble, and the love and happiness between the two grow more and more each day.

Now, Isaac and Steven have found love in their forever home. A loving couple was smitten and decided to adopt them. Their names have been changed to Buddha and Mogwai, and they are thriving in their new homes.

It's so great how they have found happiness and love after everything they have been through. We wish them good luck in their new home.

Also, kudos to the woman who offered them help in the first place. We need more people like her to act as saviors for these helpless creatures.

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