Couple Rescue Baby Squirrel And Forge Bond Till The Grateful Squirrel Gave Them A Gift One Year Later

October 15, 2018

Once upon a time in South Africa, Simone Serfontein took pity on a baby squirrel when she heard its cries after it had fallen out of its nest on a tree.

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The mother was nowhere to be found so Simone felt she had to do something to help the poor animal.

It was way too cold to live the squirrel there and it seemed it was already clinging precariously to dear life. So, like any good person, Simone took the squirrel that came to be known as Dingetjie home with her.

Being a first-time foster mom to a squirrel, she did not know what to do at first. It took a lot of research with her boyfriend, Christof, to figure out what the squirrel would need. Often, they had to feed Dingetjie at night.

Also, the squirrel was fussy: it did not want to be caged and preferred to sleep on the bed rather than in a shoebox. It sounds a lot like a human baby, huh?

As time went on, Simone had to go about her normal daily routine and she couldn’t leave the young squirrel at home now, could she? Once again, she did the logical thing. She took her furry friend to work every day for 3 months!

Some time into their little adventure, it came the time to say goodbye. Dingetjie had to be reintroduced to the wild because it would do her no good to remain cooped up in the house. That is not how squirrels are supposed to live.

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What Simone did not expect was that Dingetjie would keep popping up to visit. Soon, it was discovered that she was pregnant. Yup! The 6-month-old squirrel was sexually active.

Throughout her pregnancy, she spent most of her time in Simone’s house until she had the baby which, unfortunately, was stillborn.

About a year later, Dingetjie became noticeably plump. She was pregnant again and gave birth to an adorable baby she-squirrel.

The beautiful gift she gave to her rescuers was trust and a chance to be part of her baby’s life as much as they had been part of hers.

Simone noted,

“There is so much trust. She allows us to look, touch and hold her baby.”

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No doubt, the squirrel sees them as a family. If that isn’t wonderful, then what is?