Impressive: Video Of Shelter Dog Making His Bed Goes Viral, And Attracts Adoptive Family

March 4, 2019

There are lots of misconceptions about shelter animals. Most people assume that they behave badly, suffer from some disease or are just not good enough for a loving home.

However, a video that shows the sweet side of one dog might be what we need to put the wrong notion to bed, once and for all.

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A pit bull named Rush was brought to SICSA Adoption Center sometime in October 2015. Despite the stereotype that pit bulls are aggressive, he was calm and scared, and the shelter did everything to make him comfortable.

One day, a shelter worker was passing by his kennel when he noticed the dog carefully making his bed.

SICSA Pet Adoption Center / YouTube

Shocked by the unusual behaviour, the shelter worker decided to make a video, and the shelter put it up on YouTube.

In no time, it went viral, and it has been viewed well over 1 million times so far. The hearts of many users went out to the poor soul, and they commented thus:

“Poor baby...he's not making his bed, he's holding on to the only thing that offers him comfort... the only thing he has... Please get him a loving home!”

“Someone go adopt him!!!!! I would if I lived in Ohio!”

“Hello, Precious Angel. Rush we love you,” another said kindly.

SICSA Pet Adoption Center / YouTube

Luckily, these commenters were not alone in their sentiments, and a couple soon came into the picture and adopted him.

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The couple had lost their dog earlier in the year, but upon seeing Rush online, they felt ready to have a new family member.

SICSA Pet Adoption Center / YouTube

Fate also played a role in the adoption as they received a sign that bringing Rush into their home was the right decision.

As they were heading to the shelter, they saw a billboard that read ‘Rush to be there.’ However, ‘to be there’ were in small letters while ‘Rush’ stood out in capital letters. This further sealed their love for the pit bull.

SICSA Pet Adoption Center / YouTube

A short while after, they sent a note to the adoption center saying that Rush was wonderful and that they were very in love with him. Now, Rush is enjoying all the love and care with his perfect family.

With this beautiful story, we hope more people will be inspired to adopt shelter animals. They are simply in need of love and care. Let us work together to save them.

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