When 4 Boys Saw An Abandoned Abused Dog, They Knew They Had To Step In And Their Act Of Kindness Has Gone Viral

November 14, 2018

Acts of kindness among humans can be genuinely heartwarming and beautiful. But when shown towards animals who can't help themselves, it is simply amazing!

Sometimes, one may come across a stray in need of help and, at that moment, the support we render may be the creature's last chance at a good life.

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Recently, four young boys performed a selfless act of kindness for a poor, abandoned and abused dog, and their story has a lot of internet users dabbing at their eyes.

The story of the four boys - Kenny, Kenneth, Kevin and Andrew - of different ages has since gone viral, and many people have commended their actions.

It would seem like our heroes make a habit of helping because they were in the process of helping a woman in their Detroit neighborhood move when they spotted the dog.

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The poor canine was all alone in a nearby yard, tied to an abandoned building. Immediately, the four boys knew that their help was needed.

The dog was naturally frightened when they approached her. Using some pieces of bologna, they were able to calm her down and gain her trust before freeing her and taking her home.

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One of the boys wrapped her snugly in his jacket to keep out the cold.

According to Theresa Sumpter, founder of the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue, it was clear that the youngsters really loved the dog, who was soon named Sparkle.

She also noted how protective they were of the dog, and how intent they were on making sure she was going to a good home.

Sparkle was eventually taken to get tested and to catch up on all the vaccinations she had missed.

Currently, the happy pooch is  staying at the Pet Tales Rescue home, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


She will be taken care of at the center until she gets adopted by a loving family.

Kenny, Kenneth, Kevin, and Andrew have shown how much impact a small kind act can have on a precious life. 

Every human, even kids, should be kind towards animals. When we come across abandoned or neglected pets, they should be approached with caution and the relevant authorities or rescue groups should be called immediately. 

These innocent creatures deserve good care and love no matter the condition we find them in.

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