Grandma Can't Keep Her Laughter To Herself As She Videos Her Miniature Horses And Their Mischevious Plan

November 21, 2018

It's winter, and you know what comes next? Little children all over the place building snowmen, having snow fights and even making snow angels.

It's time to be silly, and even adults partake in the activities, leaving behind all their worries for a little while.

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WhiteTailMinis / YouTube

Even animals seem to want to have their fun in the winter. This hilarious video shows some miniature horses anxious to play in the snow!

In the clip, a farm owner's grandson, Jonathan, was surrounded by miniature horses which were seemingly very excited.

WhiteTailMinis / YouTube

Jonathan picks up his sled and heads up the hill for a nice ride, then the funniest thing happens: The horses all line up on a straight, orderly queue and follow him like obedient school children.

The miniature horses look like they are waiting in line, ready and awaiting their turn to slide down! They repeat this action whenever Jonathan is ready for another ride.

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WhiteTailMinis / YouTube

Their movement causes Marlene, who is recording the video, to burst into laughter. The footage was shot on Marlene's fam, which she runs with her daughter-in-law, Holly. They rear miniature horses.

Miniature horses are entirely different from ponies, although people confuse them very often. A miniature horse will be shorter than the shortest pony.

Its height reaches up to 34 inches. Also, unlike a pony's short wide legs, miniature horses are built precisely like horses, just shorter.

The video, which has gone viral countless times since its release in 2015, has over 400,000 shares.

WhiteTailMinis / YouTube

Marlene cannot believe her little video has gotten so much attention, as she was only having fun with it.

Comments on the internet have proclaimed the video the cutest thing ever, and people can't get enough of the cute miniature horses following Jonathan all around.

Videos like this lift our spirits! Thank you, Marlene, for sharing this fantastic video with us!

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