New Beginnings: Impaired Man Calls His Tri-Pawed Dog Perfect And Gives Her Utmost Comfort After Her Tragic Past

February 21, 2019

Connections are sometimes made because two people can relate on a subject matter. Whiskey, the pitbull, and her new adopted dad, Jeff Meyer, formed a bond over a shared impairment.

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Formerly known as Jessica, Whiskey's story is filled with excruciating pain.

The strong-willed pitbull had previously been maltreated and used as a bait dog. A bait dog is a sick form of training found in dog-fighting environments and it involves an ordinary dog being forced to face dangerously trained animals.

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When Whiskey was believed to have outdone her traumatic service, they left her to die after putting a bullet in her.

However, Whiskey defied all odds and survived the pain her former owners' intentions for her, but the surgery that saved her involved amputating her left front leg at her shoulder bone.

It took five months for Whiskey to recover her true nature and Kristen Flora helped in every step of the way at Bull Luv Able Paws Rescue.

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The rescue home didn't have much hope for Whiskey to get adopted, but a man mysteriously showed interest and gave her a happy ending.

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Meyers found Whiskey's ordeal relatable because he also had a similar impairment. He could empathize with the tri-pawed dog because he had been born without a part of his left arm. Meyers reportedly said:

“I know from experience how others will view her and knew that she needed her shot at happiness. Lucky for me, it’s just that.”

It is lovely to see that Whiskey is regaining her spirit and finally living like a normal dog.

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Hopefully, this story inspires dog lovers to adopt abused dogs because what they were subjected to is not their doing, and they shouldn't be judged for it.

You can build a new life for them by adopting and showing them true love.

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