Reunion Of The Year: Woman Adopts A Senior Dog Who Reminded Her Of Her Childhood Pooch And It Turned Out To Be The Same Dog

December 12, 2018

Some people say that life is like a movie depending on how you look at it, and it’s sometimes hard to disagree.

When Nicole Renae was just 10 years old she got a surprise most kids want on their birthday: a puppy. The canine was gifted to her by her grandma and Nicole could not be happier. She named the dog Chloe.

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CBS Pittsburgh / YouTube

In the four years that followed, Nicole and Chloe were inseparable.

All the love Nicole showed the dog was returned in tenfold by the lovable pooch that, according to Nicole, would lick her face all day if no one stopped her.

CBS Pittsburgh / YouTube

Then tragedy hit

Nicole's father got home-office job, which meant that their house needed to be fit to be a workplace, free from distractions of the audible variety - in this case, a pet.

The man was told Chloe couldn't stay and, in turn, he broke the news to Nicole, who was completely devastated.

She had to give Chloe up to the local Humane Society, hoping she would get a good home.

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CBS Pittsburgh / YouTube

Despite the unfortunate separation, Chloe remained in Nicole's heart and she even called the Humane Society to know Chloe's fate, but she was unable to get information from them.

Years passed, she grew, got married and had a kid, and yet the Chloe sized hole in her heart remained.

CBS Pittsburgh / YouTube

Nicole, wanting to give her child the same joy owning a pet gave her as a kid, decided to get a dog.

Her initial choice was a puppy, but when she saw thenews of a senior dog in need of a home on Facebook, she changed her mind.

The fact that the dog looked familiar and had the same name as her childhood friend even made the choice easier.

When Nicole went to adopt the dog, it was as though it recognized her. According to her, new Chloe kept licking her face and had so many characteristics of her childhood pet.

CBS Pittsburgh / YouTube

Seeing that 8 years had passed, everyone but Nicole was skeptical that it was the same dog.

Luck shone once more when Nicole's mom recalled that old Chloe had a microchip and contacted the vet who had it implanted to get the ID number. Afterward, they had her scanned.

To her surprise, the numbers were the numbers matched

It turned out Chloe had been adopted by an elderly couple after Nicole had to let go of her.

She'd lived with them happily till they passed on, and was subsequently taken in by another family, who were unable to keep her.

Now, at 11, healthy and energetic, Chloe has been reunited with her all-time best friend. Isn’t that just the perfect ending to such a beautiful story?

Nicole and Chloe's friendship was meant to be and even if it took a long time, they found each other again. 

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