Caring Cyclist Carries Wounded Dog On His Back And Fate Brought Them To The Dog's New Owner

December 7, 2018

Kindness can come in many forms, from giving a stranger a helping hand to holding a sad friend in a warm embrace.

However, animals should never be excluded as receivers of kindness because they are as important as humans. 

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And one cyclist who understands this fact did not only save the life of a stray dog but also brought him into happiness and his new family.

Jarrett Little alongside other cyclists was cycling in the woods in Georgia.

The team decided to take a break by the roadside; then they encountered a wounded dog.

The dog who must have been hit by a car was bleeding, thin, and had a broken leg.

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In sympathy, Jarrett and other cyclists gave the dog some food and water, but Jarrett went the extra mile to get the wounded dog out of the wood to be treated.

The kind cyclist with only a bicycle was undaunted by his transportation setback, hoisted the stray dog on his back and rode into Columbus.

Fortunately, fate brought Jarrett and the wounded pet in contact with Andrea Shaw just in time.

Andrea based in Maine but on a business trip in Columbus immediately picked interest in the canine.

On setting eyes on him, she decided to adopt the dog and paid the cost for the surgery required to correct his fractured leg.

She further made arrangements with Grateful Doggies a charity organization which transported the dog to Maine to live on her horse farm, and now, the dog has been named Columbus after the town where he was found.

With Jarrett's and Columbus picture going viral online, and their perfectly timed meeting with Andrea, the businesswoman opened a Facebook page - The Adventures Of Columbus to provide updates about the dog's new home and also to spread awareness for other dogs in need.

Columbus’ story couldn’t have ended any better thanks to the selflessness of Jarrett Little. Kudos to him! 

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