Grandma Says Last Goodbye To Her Parrot Pet After 25 Years Together, And The Creature’s Reaction Is So Emotional

November 8, 2018

Acquiring a pet is a significant decision as this is a whole other creature who can not fend for itself but comes to rely on you for almost everything. And as time goes on, you begin to rely on it too.

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Terry Culver / YouTube

The bond which is usually shared between a pet and its owner is almost impossible to understand, as because they cannot communicate through words the two rely on real emotions and feelings.

A pet is loyal to its owner, rain or sunshine. Even lengths fellow humans will not go to, these creatures are always willing to go.

Losing a loved one can be very devastating and emotionally crushing. Humans tend to lash out their emotions by crying and talking about how they feel.

Terry Culver / YouTube

Thereby letting go some of the pain. However, pets can not do this; they can't talk about how their pain is making them feel.

This story features the last goodbye between Sinbad, an African gray parrot and its owner. They had been friends, for a long time and had come to rely on each other for twenty-five years.

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Terry Culver / YouTube

The very emotional video which was taken by the elderly woman's daughter shows Sinbad on the chest of its owner, sharing their last moments.

The usually talkative bird was very silent, displaying a very sober mood, a sense of sadness at the loss of its owner. In the clip, Sinbad's owner constantly whispers the words ‘I Love You’ reassuringly to Sinbad.

This video which has quickly gotten a lot of attention on social media already has over 1 million views.

Parrots are very emotional birds who tend to get very depressed when they experience the loss of a loved one.

Terry Culver / YouTube

Some parrots usually have to be placed on bird-safe anti-depressants which generally helps with their pain.

Our hearts go out to Sinbad. We hope she finds comfort with her remaining family and hopefully doesn't need to go on those anti-depressants.

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