Dying Dog Was Rescued Just In Time. Thanks To Kind Humans That Cared For Him, He's Now Thriving

December 17, 2018

Richard, the dog, had been through quite a lot before he was rescued. By the time the Save a Greek Stray shelter welcomed him, in July 2017, the dog was emaciated and very weak. 

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Before he came to the shelter, Richard was living as a stray with a bunch of other dogs at a military camp. Apart from being starving, the dog also suffered from other diseases like mange, ehrlichia and leishmaniasis. The fact that he had never received treatments for these diseases resulted in his very poor health. 

According to the YouTube channel, The Orphan Pet, Richard's immune system suffered greatly due to the state of his health. In fact, the shelter was worried that they would not be able to nurse him back to health.

The possibility of losing Richard was too devastating. Such a loving and tender dog, that would wag his tail even when he didn't have the strength to stand on his own feet.

He was not eating well and seemed to continue to lose weight. Despite it all, Richard remained brave. Eventually, his health turned around and he started to do much better. He was described as a "human-centered" dog, who enjoyed being with people while other dogs ran around and chased balls. 

The Orphan Pet / YouTube

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How to help a stray dog

Many dogs are getting a second chance thanks to kind humans who see that the animals are in trouble and do something to help. How can you save a stray dog's life? Humane Society shared some important tips. 

Suzanne Tucker /

  1. If you spot a stray dog or any other animal, approach with caution. Some may be scared of humans and may react aggressively so make sure you're careful.
  2. It's important to restrain the animal until you can get it to safety. You can lure it to your vehicle with foods that have a strong smell, for instance. However, keep in mind that you don't want to drive a car with an animal that is not attended to. So try to use a leash or have someone else look after the animal while you drive, or vice versa. 
  3. Take the animal to a shelter. Not all dogs on the streets are strays. They may be lost or ran away from their family. The shelter can try to trace the owners in cases like that. 

Christin Lola /

You can rescue a dog, a cat or other animals that need help and you may even save a life. So next time you spot a stray, you can follow the tips above or call the nearest shelter to make a report. A simple gesture may save an animal's life and give one more chance to find a home.

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