Journalist Visits Animal Shelter To Cover A Story. Then A Dog Hugs His Legs And Refuses To Let Go

February 25, 2019

All pet owners have different stories of how their beloved animals came to be a part of their family. Some connections between a pet owner and their pet happen immediately while others may take time to grow. 

This one has to be a doggie version of love at first sight, though. And hearts are melting all over the world, thanks to the video. 

In a short clip posted online, a dog fell completely in love with a journalist who was covering a story at the animal shelter. The unidentified journalist could be seen standing while the dog wrapped itself around the man's leg. 

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The journalist must have guessed that the dog needed companionship and, for some reason, it had chosen him. 

Now, when you're specially chosen to be a dog's dad like this man was, how could you say no? According to the info provided in the post, the journalist did indeed adopt the dog and we'd like to think that they lived happily ever after.

The story not only warmed thousands of hearts, but it also inspired others with similar tales to share theirs. 

One Reddit user, AbsentK, talked about how they came to adopt their dog. He and his partner had visited a foster home to see what was out there, even though he was a bit hesitant himself. Then one dog came up to his partner and decided to express just how much she liked them.


Another user, SoapWithAPrizeInside, shared how they were also chosen by a very affectionate cat.


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Reddit user KentuckyHouse also told the beautiful story of how he and his wife adopted a beagle. They went in after the shelter contacted them about a dog that they felt would be perfect for the couple. 


They arrived at the shelter and waited in the room until the dog came in to join them. After some initial hesitation, the dog walked straight to the wife and put her paws on her chest. The couple had no doubt that this was the dog for them.

These beautiful stories of adoption are enough to make anyone rush out to go get themselves a four-legged pal. We hope you do. And that you come back with a similar story of animal love and devotion to share with the world.

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