Kind Man Rescues Kitten That Was Cruelly Glued To The Road

December 3, 2018

It's quite disheartening to see how far some humans would go to cause pain to a defenseless animal. We take comfort in knowing that some kind-hearted people can come to the rescue in such situations.

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A man named Chuck Hawley was driving to work one morning when he saw something on the street that caught his attention. At first, he was not sure what he was looking at, but as he  got closer he realized it was a kitten. 

This cat was not just left on the road: It was apparently glued there, stuck in a busy lane of traffic. Chuck couldn't believe it. He went closer and saw that the animal was understandably frightened and cold. 

Chuck told FOX12:

When I went to pick her up, her feet were stuck to the road, and I’m like uh oh. So I start to pull her feet up – and it was like a rubber cement, so she was glued to the road. It was all under her neck and then she had a little bit down her side, but it was mostly her tail and her feet.

He said that he was pretty sure that someone purposely put glue on the cat's legs and stuck her in the middle of the road. There was no way it could have happened accidentally because there were no glue footprints around the cat. It was just a glob of glue on her feet. It seemed like someone had simply carried her and put her there on the road. 

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Chuck managed to get the cat unstuck and took her to a vet where they used mineral oil to remove the glue. The rescuer had fallen in love with the cat at this point, so after she was cleared by the doctor, the lovely creature got to go home with him. 

My wife named her Sticky!

What to do if you spot a stray animal in trouble

Chuck Hawley rescued a cat and gave her a home too. You may find yourself in a situation where you're driving and you spot an animal in trouble. HumaneSociety gives tips and advice on what to do.

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  • Park safely: You cannot help the animal if you're injured yourself. Don't just swerve to a halt and possibly cause an accident. Turn your signal, pull off the road, park gently, put on your hazard lights and, if you have emergency flares, be ready to use them.
  • Safety first: A frightened or injured animal can be unpredictable. Avoid sudden movements. Approach the animal gently and if they act threateningly, stay in your car. Otherwise, approach and try to help.
  • Get some help: You can call your local animal shelter or take the animal there yourself. If you'll like to take the animal home yourself, you still have to take it to the shelter first so they can scan it for a microchip and make sure it's not a lost pet. It's also important that you take the animal to get checked out by a vet for injuries and trauma.

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You too can help give an animal a new chance at life if it has been abandoned. And we're sure that, like Sticky, the creature would be quite grateful.

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