A Fisherman And His Crew Rescue A Scared Fox Stranded On An Iceberg

July 10, 2018

A fisherman named Alan Russell and his crew recently rescued a lost fox that was stranded on an iceberg. 

Alan Russell / Facebook

Alan, Mallory Harrigan, and their colleagues were aboard a crab-fishing boat when they spotted something far out at sea.  The group was very curious and they thought it was a baby seal at first. When they moved closer, however, they discovered that a scared and cold fox was stuck on the iceberg.

Alan Russell / Facebook

Mallory, who spoke to The Dodo, said they were pretty surprised to find this lovely little creature out there. 

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Alan Russell / Facebook

It was obvious that the arctic fox was in big trouble. If it was left out there in the cold and without any form of sustenance, there was no doubt that it  would die.

So the crew decided to do something super awesome. They pulled up until they got close enough to the iceberg to reach the fox. Of course, getting the animal to hop on the boat was not easy, but they succeeded.

"We were able to get him aboard even though he fought it," Mallory said, adding that there was no way the fox would have survived without their help.

Getting the animal warm and fed was the next step. They were able to fashion out a little bed on the boat and gave the fox some food. It was enough to help it recover its strength. When it looked like the adorable creature would be alright, they all made their journey back to land together. 

Alan Russell / Facebook

Alan, Mallory and the crew gave the fox a few more bites to eat then set him free. "He shook himself off and that was it!" Mallory told The Dodo.

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It was an amazing thing that this group did for the stranded animal and many people thought so, too.

They sure gave the fox another chance at life.

Source: TheDodo

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