Woman Is Taking Out The Trash When She Discovers An Abandoned Cat Trapped In A Backpack

October 12, 2018

A Canadian woman, Jennifer, was taking out the trash one day when she saw a backpack in the garbage can. Jennifer noticed that the bag seemed to be moving and when she opened it, she was heartbroken. 

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Inside the bag, Jennifer found a scared and sick cat that was obviously abandoned and disposed of as if it was trash. She and her boyfriend immediately took the cat to animal services so that the poor creature could be checked out.

It was discovered that the cat was blind, had suffered multiple injuries and was neurologically impaired. It seemed pretty obvious that this kitty had had a hard life. 

The couple also found out that the cat was malnourished, weak and was nearly suffocating from being in the closed backpack where Jennifer found him.

The cat was named Niro and Jennifer and her partner have been doing the best they can to give him a great life. The road to his recovery will not be short or smooth, but Niro now has a second chance at life. 

He has even partially regained his sight and is also able to walk again.

While Niro was in the shelter, Jennifer would visit him often and donated money to the establishment several times. 

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Today, Niro the cat lives with the kind woman who rescued him. He even has his own social media page, where he shares updates about his life and journey toward recovery . 

It's pretty heartbreaking to know that there are people capable of tossing a defenseless creatures such as this lovely guy into the trash.

However. the good news is that there are also people like Jennifer who will take the time not only to rescue, but care for such animals.

Niro may have had a difficult life, but his future is looking good and thousands of people are rooting for him. 

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