4 Reasons Why Cats Love To Sleep Next To Their Owners

October 17, 2018

If you are the happy owner of a cat, you may notice it will always try to sneak into your bedroom and settle down on your chest, stomach or feet.

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There is nothing better than having a nap next to these warm, purring creatures! At the same time, they also love to sleep next to their owners. But why do these independent animals seek company for a sweet sleep? There are actually 4 reasons for it:

1. It means they trust you

Everyone is vulnerable in their sleep! That’s why cats are trying to find a secure spot where they feel protected. An owner’s bed seems like the perfect place for it because their human is someone they can totally trust.

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2. They love warmth

Cats are lazy creatures who sleep for about 15 hours a day, and even though they pick the most unexpected places for a day nap, during the night, they prefer the warmest place available. That is why they snuggle to you and enjoy the heat from your body!


3. They actually think it’s you who sleeps in their bed!

Yes, most likely, cats are sure they let you sleep in their beds. These animals are territorial, and once they spent a night on your soft mattress, they claim the right to it!

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4. Comfort

It’s not only the bed itself that creates a feeling of comfort, it’s sleeping next to cat’s favorite person that also contributes to trouble-free and relaxed sleeping! Your felines feel the most comfortable in your company and, by cuddling next to you, they demonstrate their love and devotion.

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The Risks

There are things to consider before allowing your precious pet to worm their way under the blanket, though. Co-sleeping may be the most enjoyable thing in the world, but it may also put your health at a risk.

Cats may transmit parasites and diseases, carry bacteria on their dirty paws from the litter box, trigger allergic reactions and cause breathing problems for their owners. So, before sharing the warm bed with your fluffy one, make sure you take good care of their health and hygiene.

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