Gorilla Cradles 3-Year-Old Boy Who Fell In The Gorilla Pit, And Takes Him To Safety Until Help Arrives

January 16, 2019

An encounter with wild nature may end up tragically, but sometimes it unfolds in the most amazing way! Wild animals can surprise us with such sympathy and kindness that even humans do not always possess. The case of a Western Lowland gorilla and a 3-year-old boy is the vivid proof.

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Back in 1996, the young kid fell 20 feet into the gorilla enclosure at the Brookfield Zoo, in Illinois, also known as Chicago Zoological Society. The boy ran from his family and ended up climbing over the barrier at the gorilla pit. The onlookers, as well as the staff, were terrified, expecting the worst. However, the gentle giant picked up the child and carried him to a safe place.

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The footage made by a witness unveils the whole scene. The 8-year-old Gorilla named Binti Jua can be seen with her own baby 17-month-old Koola clinging to her back. This explains why she treated a human child with so much care. There were 6 other gorillas in the pit at that moment, and who knew how the incident would have turned out if not for Binti Jua. The zookeepers who witnessed the amazing rescue said they would never forget it.

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The boy’s and his mother’s names remained unknown, though it was reported that the kid didn’t suffer any serious injuries, just a few scratches and a broken hand.

Female gorillas have strong maternal instincts, as they have never seen neglecting their offspring.  

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But don’t let it mislead you. These beasts are also one of the strongest animals on Earth, and they would certainly fight when they feel a threat or danger.

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If you plan to take your kids to the zoo at the weekends, make sure to keep an eye on them and never let them run around unguarded. Educate your children about potential dangers in nature and teach them to respect it.

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