True Friendship: Elephant Visits Her Bedridden Dog-Friend Every Day, And Mourns When She Passes

January 31, 2019

Anyone who has experienced true friendship can call themselves a lucky person, but not only humans make friends! This weird pair, an elephant and a dog, could built a bond worth admiring.

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Tarra and Bella were inseparable, despite their huge differences in size and species. Tarra, the 35-year old Asian elephant from the Tennessee sanctuary, and her friend Bella, the dog, played, ate and slept together.

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OWN / YouTube

Their relationship was of the rarest and most special kind, as they proved their loyalty to each other during the hard times.

OWN / YouTube

When Bella was bedridden after a spine injury and had to stay in the sanctuary office, the elephant came to visit her every single day during the three weeks straight! The staff would bring the dog to the gate, where Tarra would reach and caress her with her trunk!

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Sadly, Bella passed and left the elephant heartbroken.

These giants are sensitive when it comes to the loss of their companions, thus the sanctuary personnel could not do anything to relieve Tarra’s pain.

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Elephants are unique animals who are capable of mourning and grief. They express sadness after a loss, and they never leave the weak and sick behind. Experts explain this is due to the strong connection they are able to build within a herd during their life together.

Those two had been friends for nearly a decade and they certainly can teach us loyalty and devotion! It’s a blessing to have friendships like this!

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